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Condenser Tube Cleaning

Why Condenser Tube Cleaning is essential for the industry?


Across the world condensers are well known for efficient heat rejection in several industrial systems. Also they are used in power plants, chemicals, sugar, distilleries etc. need to be cleaned whenever the exchange of heat is no longer fully efficient. As condensers are very essential, downtime of it means lost production and revenues. 


It does not matter what type of condenser is, that need to be cleaned properly to work efficiently. 


Why High Pressure Water Jetting Pumps plays vital role in industry?


Previous methods using brushes or drilling caused damage or roughening of the surface of the tubes. Once the surface was roughened the build-up of deposits was encouraged, as they could adhere even better to the roughened surface.

Also the use of chemicals is no longer economically justifiable, due to the costs and problems of disposal.


Now in modern time of technological advancement, High Pressure Hydro Jet Pumps are best solution for this application over traditional and expensive methods. Also high pressure water jet cleaning system leaves a smooth, residue-free surface without expensive clean-up and disposal of chemicals.

Find Best Solution @ PressureJet


We, PressureJet are leader in manufacturing quality high pressure triplex plunger pumps since 1996. For various condenser tube cleaning requirements, 500 Bar to 1400 Bar pressure and 20 LPM to 80 LPM flow rate needs as per tube diameter, length as well as the hardness of the deposits. Our range of Water Jetting Machines is user friendly and cleans the hard scale deposits from the tubes very effectively in a lesser time.

By the use of Pressurejet pumps one can increase the productivity through efficient cleaning with time saving at shutdowns.

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