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Economizer Tube Cleaning

Why Economizer Tube Cleaning is quite important?


Mostly thermal power plants have hundreds of intricately sophisticated appliances, and each of them has a definite amount of power loss associated with them. A device, which is helped in to economize the process of power generator called Economizer. Economizer is a mechanical device intended to reduce energy consumption. In simple terms, an economizer is a heat exchanger.


During long term operation, layers of ash, dust and other compound inside the flue gases is getting thicker and thicker on the external side of the economizer and massively reduce the heat exchange performance.


Why apply High Pressure Hydro Jet Cleaning technology?


Compares to traditional expensive methods, the High Pressure Water Jet navigate through layers of tubes, pipes, fins, and gills, clean and restore the economizer in to original condition. Further, High Pressure Hydro Jet Cleaning leaves a smooth, residue-free surface resulting in to improve the efficiency of the economizer.

Why PressureJet?


PressureJet have industry wide manufacturing experience in High Pressure Water Jet technology since 1996. We at PressureJet have developed 250 Bar to 1400 Bar pressure and 15 LPM to 80 LPM flow rate High Pressure Reciprocating Plunger Pumps for various economizer cleaning requirement. Our range of Hydro Jet Cleaning Machines is user friendly and cleans the hard scale deposits from the tubes or fins very effectively in a lesser time.

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