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Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning

Why Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning is vital in the industry?


Heat exchangers are used in nearly all chemical and thermal processes across the world to transfer heat from one medium to another. Chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, HVAC, food and beverage, and power generating are all important sectors. When it comes to tube cleaning, heat exchangers have long been a maintenance headache. Heat exchanger failure results in lost output and income.

It does not matter whether they are plate, pipe, shell or tube heat exchangers that need to be cleaned, they will always find the exact solution in our product range.


Why High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Pumps are required to clean heat exchanger tubes?


In false consideration of cost saving, some people use traditional chemical cum acid cleaning, brush cleaning, cleaning thru plastic scrapper as well as abrasive balls cleaning methods for tube cleaning of heat exchangers. During this kind of conventional methods of cleaning, there is also a gradual erosion of tube metal, which ultimately reduces the life of heat exchanger tubes.

Compares to advance High Pressure Hydro Jetting Cleaning technology, all conventional methods are expensive and time consuming. Further, high pressure hydro jet cleaning leaves a smooth, residue-free surface without costly clean-up and disposal of chemicals.

Solution @ PressureJet


Since 1996, PressureJet has been a pioneer in the manufacture of high-quality high-pressure reciprocating plunger pumps. 500 bar to 1400 bar pressure and 20 LPM to 80 LPM flow rate are required for varied heat exchanger tube cleaning requirements, depending on tube diameter, length, and deposit hardness. Our hydro jetting devices are simple to operate and successfully remove hard scale deposits from tubes in a short amount of time. 


Our goal is to boost your productivity by using high-quality goods, timely service, and cutting-edge technology to improve cleaning efficiency and reduce downtime time.

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