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Applications and Accessories of Hydro Jetting Machine

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

What to use with you Hydro Jetting Machine

The applications of a Hydro Jetting Machine are many, especially for a manufacturing firm which requires regular maintenance and cleaning of their machinery. Continuing maintenance and cleaning of machines helps in overall efficiency of the company.

Hydro jetting technique used in cleaning

Hydro Jetting helps in cleaning and maintenance of vital tubes and pipes for a proper flow and overall operations of the machine, which overall helps in smooth operations of the company and make the functions more efficient.

There are many application of a Hydro Jetting Machine, here are few of them:

  1. Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning

  2. Evaporator Tube cleaning

  3. Condenser Tube Cleaning

  4. Boiler Tube Cleaning

  5. Calendria Cleaning

  6. Pipe Cleaning

For a Hydro Jetting machine to properly do its work, it requires few accessories with which the function can be done properly. These accessories can either be for the machine or for the operator of the machine too, but in overall it makes the whole process more safe and smooth. Here are the following accessories:

Rotating Tube Cleaning Nozzles for Hydro Jetting Machines

  1. Rotating Tube Cleaning Nozzles- it is Ideal for unplugging, cleaning and polishing tubes, such as those found in heat exchangers and industrial tube bundles. They are made of Stainless steel construction for extreme durability and longevity.

Conventional Tube Cleaning Nozzles for Hydro Jetting Machines

2. Conventional Tube Cleaning Nozzles- these are Conventional Tube Cleaning Nozzles which are available in various sizes ranging 13 mm (1/2”) to 100 mm (4”) pipes. These Tube cleaning nozzles can be used with rigid or flexible lance

Foot Operated Valve for Hydro Jetting Machines

3. Foot Operated Valve (FOV)- it has a Unique design for smooth and reliable operation. with Increased foot pedal area for smooth operation, it is also fully surrounded with safety guard.

Flexible Lance Safety Stop for Hydro Jetting Machines

4. Flexible Lance Safety Stop (FLS)- it attaches easily to the tube sheet for safer pipe cleaning operation and has a wide range of expansion that accommodates any size of tube sheet. PressureJet's FLS is adaptable to vertical and horizontal tubes.

Safety Valve for Hydro Jetting Machines

5. Safety Valve- a safety valve is Intentionally designed to avoid major loss. It provides excellent safety for operators and has excellent precision in pressure protection.

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