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Industrial usage & implication of Hydro Jetting

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

How a company can profit from Water Jetting?

Introduction to Hydro Jetting

A Hydro Jetting Machine is used in plants to clean tanks, reactor vessels, economizers, heat exchanger, boiler, evaporator, calendria and other tools so they run smoothly. It cleans the vital tubes and removes sediments that have settled in various areas of the tube using water pressure generated by a High Pressure Plunger pump.

Cleaning Reactor Vessel with Hydro Jetting Machines

Cleaning reactor vessel tanks with High-Pressure Hydro Jetting System, improves heat transfer efficiency, leading to higher production and efficiency and, ultimately, lower total operating costs for a facility.

There are various advantages of using Hydro Jetting for industrial cleaning, some of them are as follows-

  1. Cleans tubes made of any material, from brass to titanium, in a safe manner.

  2. Prevents corrosion and extends tube life by removing corrosive deposits from interior tubes and tube pits.

  3. Cleans any length and diameter straight or U-tube heat exchanger.

  4. Allows for rapid recharging by removing a fine layer of silt and organic material that mechanical cleaning missed.

  5. Removes any alien scale deposits.

  6. Environmental safety - No hazardous waste removal or chemical emissions.

  7. Economical - restored baseline performance and enhanced refilling rates; job costs are soon recovered.

Important Criteria's for Hydro Jetting Machine

It might be difficult for a firm to determine which criteria and characteristics will help it run more efficiently. When buying Hydro Jetting Machines, consider the company's needs and the job's criteria. At PressureJet, Hydro Jetting Equipment's are made in the range from 3,600 to 20,000 PSI/250 to 1400 Bar and are tested on multiple parameters to make sure the pump delivered is of supreme quality.

Hydro Jetting Skid Mounted Engine Driven System made by PressureJet

Each range has its own use and pressure needed to attain goals. Too much pressure could damage the equipment and break vital pieces, reducing its performance. Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) has four definitions for water jetting cleaning:

  • Low-pressure water cleaning (LP WC) uses water pressure less than 5,000 psi (350 Bar);

  • High-pressure water cleaning (HP WC) uses water pressure between 5,000 to 10,000 psi (350 to 700 Bar);

  • High-pressure water jetting (HP WJ) uses water pressure between 10,000 to 25,000 psi (700 to 1700 Bar);

  • Ultrahigh-pressure water jetting uses pressures above 25,000 psi (1700 Bar).

Therefore, all of these factors should be considered by a management before incorporating a Hydro Jetting System in their company and should evaluate which particular pressure parameter would suit the company the best for an overall smooth operation of the Hydro Jetting System.


Overall, the decision to invest in a Hydro Jetting System is critical, not only for the financial investment, but also for the impact on the company's overall operations and efficiency, as a result, a business should understand what and how a hydro jet system might help it, as well as which specific parameter is most suited for the industry.

PressureJet has leveraged for over 25 years on more than 3000 Hydro Jetting Machines to clean Heat Exchanger and Evaporator Tubes to our loyal customer base to provide with Effective and Efficient High Pressure Hydro Jetting Machine, Low Life Cycle Costs & High Reliability and Availability.

PressureJet has established a reputation as an expert in making highly precisive and well-established Hydro Jetting Pumps which can clean the contamination deposits from your Heat Exchanger, Condenser Tubes, Calendria and Evaporator, Boiler Tubes thoroughly, with up to 1400 Bar (20,000 PSI) Pressure.

For further information or queries, visit us at: or you can contact us through information given below:

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