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Jetting vs Snaking: Which is better?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Jetting vs Snaking: Which one to choose?

Many companies routinely clean machine sediments. Clean equipment speeds batch runs, reduces plant operating costs, and reduces contamination-related downtime. It also increases heat transfer efficiency, which boosts production and efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Hydro jetting and snake cleaning are popular. Plumbers and drain cleaners use both methods. Understanding the distinctions between hydro jetting and snaking might aid in selecting the appropriate technique.

Cleaning Machine with Hydro Jetting Machine

The Hydro Jetting Method- Hydro jetting is accomplished by forcing a high-pressure stream of water into the pipeline at a pressure of between 250 bar and 1400 bar (3600 psi to 20000 psi). The water is ejected with extreme pressure created by the pumps to clear out any debris or hindrance.


  1. Hydro jetting is exceptionally successful in cleaning clogged sewers and maintaining a clean pipeline. Even tough sediments can be removed by a strong enough stream of water.

  2. Hydro jetting services are adaptable: With a sufficient PSI, water pressure is powerful enough to clear both commercial and domestic sewer lines.


  1. Excessive water pressure can cause damage to certain pipes: Hydro jetting can occasionally operate too well. Pipes that are older, more delicate, or damaged may be unable to sustain the force of such a forceful torrent of water. Therefore, businesses are urged to inspect their equipment's condition and the appropriate pressure that the equipment can withstand before setting the pressure appropriately.

Cleaning with Snaking Technique

The Snaking Method-

Snaking is accomplished with an auger. An auger resembles a long steel cable with a coil resembling a corkscrew at one end. When the auger is placed into the pipeline, the end coil pierces any blockages and clears a channel through the pipe.


  1. Snaking clears a route only as broad as the auger's tip: While snaking is an excellent approach for clearing simple clogs and enhancing drainage speeds in slow sewage drains, it is just a temporary cure for a variety of problems associated with certain pieces of equipment.

To Pick a Method-

Among both the methods, Hydro Jetting is the clear alternative to choose when considering for cleaning of equipment. Hydro jetting is a more powerful and adaptable form of cleaning of essential tubes and machines as it clears the obstructions quickly. Hydro jetting not only clears obstructions, but also minimises the natural build-up of grease and minerals inside any pipeline. Hydro jetting is effective in all situations, whether your equipment is entirely jammed or draining slowly, this method makes sure that the structural integrity of the pipes and the machines is intact and helps in achieving the highest productivity from a machine, which inturn brings benefits for the company.

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